I asked my friends to give me some writing ideas for today, and they came up with some excellent suggestions. I then spent the majority of my time today talking with them, individually or in a group. Later the evening, one of us had some exciting news to share, so we all got on the phone. After I hung up the phone, I opened my laptop and began writing when I realized that our relationship has reached yet another significant milestone, and I want to dedicate this writing to them.

Friendship is a bizarre concept. It has no start date, and no one needs to ask, “Will you be my friend?” for everything to begin. You will be in that relationship without even realizing it, and somehow feel committed to it. Every little thing that happens in your life, you will start telling it to them. You will be vulnerable in front of them, as if they’re your Kryptonite. On rare occasions, you may feel challenged every time you are around them or talk to them, and it’s what keeps you going every day. This casual relationship you have with those random human beings contains a great deal of commitment, intimacy, and affection. I told you it’s bizarre.

This relationship, like any other, requires a lot of efforts to keep going. Everyone must partake in the maintenance, and it’s not an easy task. You must be willing to take time out of your busy week to talk to them. Ask about what they are doing or what they are up to. Simply check on them because sometimes they just don’t want to bother you from conquering the world. You should also be ready to be their one call away. Whatever problem they are facing, they can’t think of a better person to confide in or to seek help from. If they want you to just listen, then just listen. If they need you to help, help in any way you can. Last but not least, include them in both your joy and sorrow. They like knowing that they aren’t just a tree for you. When you are happy, they will be the people who cheer the loudest, and when you are sad, their shoulders are yours.

Those three points seem so simple, right? I really wish they were. I’m still struggling with that, especially when the universe blessed me with four incredible people who understand what it takes to be a great friend. Tell me I’m not lucky to have friends as caring as Rilin, as understanding as Aan, as amusing as Rio, and as comforting as Huda. I think they, too, consider themselves blessed to have me. After today, there will be a lot of problems thrown our way to bring our friendship to the test, but I believe we will pass the test easily with great results because we are highly competitive. Life is full of uncertainty, but one thing you can be certain of is that no matter where we are and what we are doing, we will always be there for each other.

A curious young woman who ponders the meaning of life on a regular basis.